Sunday, 11 December 2016

Pleasure to meet great artist Tom Richmond Sir.

Pleasure to meet great artist Tom Richmond Sir love his caricatures skill.Lots of love from india and Indian artists.And thank you so much for made our caricatures. Tom sir is really great Artist and down to earth person looking forward to meet you again.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

A farewell gift for my friend Sachin.
Caricature of my friend Sachin S Thottakath.
Reference image
Caricature of my friend Kenyum
Reference image
Likeness Study.WIP(Zbrush/Maya).
Inspired by Hua Lu Concept Art.(WIP)
Inspired by Mihai Tymoshenko Concept Art.(WIP).
                                                                          Reference Image 
                                                          Sketch reference from Russian School.(WIP).
                                                       Cartoon Boxer Fighter.(ZBrush/Maya).2015.
                                                             Here is the full HD link for tutorial.
                                              Creature Sculpt.
                                                              Hulk Sculpt.(Zbrush/Maya)
Eye created in Maya,photoshop,mentalray.

                                               My first zbrush  Human Character Sculpt study.
                                                            Cartoons Characters.(Zbrush/Maya).

Human Anatomy Sketch On Photo Reference.(Photoshop).